About Us

We are a premium towing agency that focus on quality

Big Ben Towing is your best bet when you need a towing service in the United States. For one, we cover a wide range of areas across the country such as Manhattan, New York City (NYC), Brooklyn, Bronx Queens, Long Island, Maspeth Woodside, Astoria, Sunnyside, or Corona Elmhurst.
A simple call welcomes you with friendly customer service and a professional team to help you tow vehicles or provide the assistance you need anywhere in these cities.

We are equipped to quickly handle emergency situations while providing support services to our customers. Our priority is to ensure that your towing needs are met and the vehicles remain in good condition and are safely transported to their destination.
We have a fleet of tow trucks to meet whatever towing services you need so whether you need a tow truck to clear blocked driveways, illegally parked cars, low-level garages, parking lots, junk cars, motorcycles, and so on we have a team of professionals to help you out.
We also help with equipment transfers so the burden of moving equipment across project sites is ours to bear. With our Cars for junk service, we will exchange cash for junk cars of any type, size, and model.
Whenever you need a towing service because of car troubles like a flat tire, dead battery, low gas, car breakdown, and so on, calling Big Ben Towing guarantees that you get a response team to help you get back on your way. We provide the most efficient services and do so at an affordable rate.
We’re available 24hours and make it a priority to ensure that we understand what the situation requires and respond accordingly so don’t hesitate to call Big Ben Towing whenever you need us. We’re always on your side.

Why Choose Us?

You need a professional towing service to handle the movement of your vehicle. With Big Ben Towing you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands, we’ll be there when you need us and are swift to get the vehicle where you need them.


Quality customer service is a priority for us so we’ve got a highly trained workforce that is willing to put in the effort to ensure that your convenience is guaranteed and your satisfaction optimized.
We stick to the specifications of the Vehicle Manufacturers so we’re equipped to provide quality towing services.

We transport Luxury cars, Buses, Trucks, Construction Equipment, Heavy Equipment, motorcycles.